Kinross Brougham

This Kinross Brougham was in service for many years with Wiltons, a firm of Belfast Undertakers, who had owned it from new.  The owner of the firm removed all the brakes from his vehicles as his drivers tended to over-use them on Monday mornings when the horses were fresh.  It was sold in the late 1990s and is now reputed to be in a private collection near Belfast.  Compare it with the line drawing shown in this 1871 advert.

Photograph Copyright © 2002 of Eugene Larkin, Carriage Restorer

This postcard, stamped from the works, shows the possibly same vehicle outside the Kinross carriageworks before it was delivered to the customer.  You can see (above) that it still looks like new (below). 

Postcard discovered by Eugene Larkin, Carriage Restorer

Rear of the Brougham Postcard

This picture shows the handbrake and the high driver's cushion on the box seat.  The postcard can be dated according to the mark of the publisher “K Ltd.” on the back which indicates that it was produced beteween 1918 and 1936.