The Customers

Rear of postcard showing a Brougham
Back of a postcard showing
a Brougham
Letter to Messrs W Kinross Sons, postmarked Lancaster 26 February 1886.
                   W Kinross Sons
                     Stirling Carriage Works

Letter to Messrs W Kinross Sons, postmarked Callander 20 May 1885.

"The firm has a high reputation for first-class work and as evidence of this can refer to carriages turned out recently to such distant places as Thurso, the Hebridies, places both in England and Ireland, and Gibraltar, while in previous years many carriages have gone to South Africa, India, Jamaica, Trinidad, and one to Victoria, Vancouver Island.  Long may this old and worthy firm continue to flourish and to uphold the good name of the “City of the Rock” in the branch of industry in which its reputation has been gained".

Taken from an article published in the Stirling Observer on 27th May 1908.

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