Kinross Dog Cart

Driving off into the susnset
Driving off into the susnset.

This Kinross Dog Cart was sold in Lot 47 at the Reading Carriage Sales on 3rd March 1999 by Thimbleby & Shorland, Auctioneers.  It is now in private ownership in Aberdeenshire.

A sporting dog cart, to suit a full size pair or team, in varnished natural wood and upholstered in beige cloth, sold with a pole” went for £4800.

The rear tailboard drops down to act as a footrest for the rear passengers.  You can see the dog cage under the seats.  Sometimes the sides were slatted for improved ventilation.  This vehicle has a foot brake with an additional hand lever for parking.  Note the lack of shafts as it is drawn by a pair with a pole.

Walter Gilbey visited Stirling in September 1958 for a reception with Provost W. Macfarlane Gray and the Kinross family on his Kinross dog cart drawn by a pair of his famous show horses.  Notice that his vehicle has slatted sides and fewer spokes compared to the one shown here.  The Gilbey dog cart was still with the family when they moved to the Isle of Man in 1975.

Compare this vehicle with the Kinross Perth cart or Tom Ryder's two-wheeled Dog Cart shown here.