The Port Street Works Paintshop

The Port Street Works Paintshop in 1908

The Port Street Works Paintshop in 1908

“After the carriages have been tested for weight, balance, etc., they are sent to a higher level to be painted and finished.  Two flats above the bodyshop are occupied as carriage stores, the upper one also carrying finished wheels and mahogany panels.

Entering through the middle flat, to the right is a long, spacious, and well lighted painting room, and to the left another, with part of it used for trimmimg and upholstery work.  Coming outside again, there are large timber sheds, in which a variety of woods are stored, some taking years to season properly.  One shed under the paint loft holds mostly four-in-hand and other coaches used through the summer season.  There is a fire-proof store where all the smaller furnishings, varnishes, etc., are kept, and a special room for the sewing done by the only female employee.”

Taken from an article published in the Stirling Observer on 27th May 1908.

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