Kinross Light Van

This light van has been found in a barn in New Zealand.  The hoops have been added to support a waterproof canvas cover.  This general purpose goods vehicle has full underlock and elliptic springs.  The outer raves or sideboards support an overhanging load.  There does not appear to be a brake or any lamp brackets.  The driver's seat is just a cross plank the full width at the front: mounting is by the steps attached to the shafts.

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There is a “W.Kinross, Stirling” mark on the rear left hubcap.  While it is possible a wheel could have been replaced at some stage it is unlikely that they were interchangeable with Kinross wheels.  Commentators say that “the running gear looks very British”.

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This wheel says W.Kinross, Stirling.

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As you can see there is lots of room for storage underneath: the stop-cock in the foreground is not part of the vehicle!

Compare this strong wooden undercarriage construction with the ironwork of the Wagonette Break.

This vehicle is for sale.  Please email me if you would like to be put in touch with the owner.